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The Surname: Elwin

The true meaning of Elwin is not positively known. There are a number of possibilities. It is an Anglo Saxon name. Research has found three pre 600AD Germanic Anglo Saxon given names that all end with 'wine': 'Aelfwine', 'Aethelwine' and 'Ealdwine'

The Anglo Saxon dictionary shows 'wine' as having three meanings 'friend', 'lord' or 'protector'. There is no connection with the alcoholic drink made from grapes.

The Anglo Saxon dictionary shows 'aelf' as meaning 'elf', 'spirit', 'goblin', 'fairy' but when 'aelf' is joined with other words its meaning changes to 'stranger' or 'foreign' as in the word 'Aelfremeda' which means 'foreigner'.Aelfwine could be a surname given to a non Anglo Saxon who was a friend. It could be a name given to a non Anglo Saxon warrior that joined the Anglo Saxons on the invasion of the British Isles.

It could also be a name given to a Celtic Romano British (foreigner) Lord, chieftain who became allied with the Anglo Saxons. Aelfwine (Elwin) is more commonly taken to mean 'elf friend': this could refer to some one who is strange, some one who is 'away with the fairies', someone who is mentally ill or someone who keeps beliefs in the old pagan pre Christian religion and fables.

The word 'aethel' in 'Aethelwine' means 'noble': 'Aethelwine' therefore means 'noble friend' or 'noble lord', The word 'eald' in 'Ealdwine' means 'old': old friend or old lord

The personal names Alduin, Elduinus, Aeluuinus, Aeluuin, Alfuuinus and Eluuin all appear in the Domesday Book of 1086, and further examples from Records of St. Benet of Holme, Norfolk, include: Elwine Ecses (1101), and Aelwine presbiter (1127). The surname first appears on record in the late 12th Century (see below). Further early examples include: John Allewin (Yorkshire, 1219); Thomas Alwine (Cambridgeshire, 1260); and Gregory Elwyne (Norfolk, 1274).

In the modern idiom the surname has seven spelling variations: Alwin, Alwen, Alwyn, Allwyn, Elwin, Elwine and Elwyn. On January 6th 1577, Marmaduke, son of Thomas Elwin, was christened at Roos, Yorkshire. A Coat of Arms granted to the Elwin family is a red shield with three scoops fessways and in base as many silver crescents, the Crest being a half savage holding over the dexter shoulder a hammer proper.

The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Osegod Aldwini, which was dated 1195, in the "Pipe Rolls of Berkshire", during the reign of King Richard 1, known as "Richard the Lionheart", 1189 - 1199. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.


Direct line relatives (i.e. Great Great Great Granddads) I have indicated with ***

Census 1841

In 1841 the Elwin family were living on the North Yorkshire highland south of Whitby in the parish of Stainsacre and Hawsker. The entries in this first ever census of England allow this branch of the Elwin family to be traced back to 1806 via the head of the household George Elwin. George was born in Yorkshire in 1806 The Napoleonic wars had finished 6 months earlier at the battle of Waterloo in June 1815. Britain was finally at peace after 23 years of war.

At the age of 35 George worked as an Agricultural Labourer for local farmers. He was married to Elizabeth and they had three young children William aged 6, Hannah aged 3 and young George aged 1 month. It looks like the Elwin family moved to their current address from the village of Lythe. In later Census records William Elwin records his place of birth as Lythe, North Yorkshire.

This village is north west of Whitby again situated on highland rather than in the valley. The family were living in Lythe in 1835 for the birth of William.

Census 1841 data

Stainsacre and Hawsker, Whitby, Yorkshire
***George Elwin 35 born 1806, Uphill, Yorkshire - Agricultural Labourer
Elizabeth Elwin 30 born 1811, Barnby Yorkshire

***William Elwin 6 born 1835, Lythe, Yorkshire
Hannah Elwin 3 born 1838, Barnby Yorkshire
George Elwin 1 month born 1841, Stamsaere, Yorkshire

Census 1841


Census 1841

In the 20 years since the census of 1841 George Elwin's prosperity had grown. He had risen from working for other people on their farms to being a 70 acre land owning farmer employing servants and running the Wheatsheaf Inn in Egton, Yorkshire.

The Inn is still there and serving beer. His children Hannah aged 23 and George aged 19 were still living and working on the family farm. He had another son called John Elwin aged 15 who was at school. Egton is a small market town on the highlands above valley of Eskdale on the edge of the North York Moors about 10 miles south west of Whitby.

What is great about this years census record is that it shows George Elwins oldest son William Elwin aged 26 away from home visiting the Jewson family in Wood Street, Hartlepool in Co Durham. When the 1871 Census is consulted it shows that William has married the Jewsons eldest daughter Caroline Jewson aged 21. The Jewsons are originally from Kings Lynn in Norfolk

Census 1861 data

Wood Street, Hartlepool, Durham
***William Elwin 26 born 1835 Lythe, Yorkshire VISITOR - Joiner
Caroline Jewson 21 born 18410 Lynn, Norfolk
William L Jewson 41
Caroline Jewson 40
Walter Jewson 15
Jane Jewson 12
Frederick Jewson 10
***George Elwin 55 born 1806, Uphill, Yorkshire - Farmer of 70 Acres and Innkeeper
Elizabeth Elwin 53 born 1808, Barnby, Yorkshire - Farmer's wife
Hannah Elwin 23 born 1838, Barnby, Yorkshire - Farmer's Daughter
George Elwin 19 born 1841, Stamsaere, Yorkshire - Farmer's son
John Elwin 15 born 1835, Egton, Yorkshire
Hannah Hill 20 born 1835, Egton, Yorkshire Farm Servant


The Wheatsheaf Inn, Egton, Yorkshire

Census 1871

William Elwin had now married Caroline Jewson and set up home in Lurnley Street, Hartlepool, Durham. (The exact spelling of the street may be wrong as it was not clear on the census form) They had three young children, Caroline Elizabeth aged 7, Edward aged 3 and Fredrick Elwin aged 1. William Elwin was working as a carpenter, a joiner, possibly in the shipyards.

Census 1871 data

Lurnley Street, Hartlepool, Durham
***William Elwin 35 born 1836 Lythe, Yorkshire - Joiner
Caroline Elwin 30 born 1841 Lynn, Norfolk
Caroline Elizabeth Elwin 7 born 1864 West Hartlepool, Durham
Edward Elwin 3 born 1868 West Hartlepool, Durham
***Fredrick Elwin 1 born 1870 West Hartlepool, Durham

Census 1881

William Elwin is still married to Caroline (Jewson). They have moved to 23 Smith Street in Hartlepool. Caroline Elizabeth Elwin is now aged 17 and is shown as a pupil teacher. Edward is now shown as being called Edwin Elwine. He is now aged 13 and Fredrick Elwin is now aged 11. In the past 10 years the family has grown by the addition of three extra children. Edith aged 6, Laura aged 4 and William aged 2 years old. William Elwin is still shown working as a joiner in the shipyards. In this years census record the family name is spelt with an 'e' on the end of Elwin to make Elwine

Census 1881 data

23 Smith Street, Hartlepool, Durham
***William Elwine 45 born 1836 Lythe, Yorkshire - Joiner Shipyard
Caroline Elwine 40 born 1841 Lynn, Norfolk
Caroline C Elwine 17 born 1864 West Hartlepool, Durham - Pupil Teacher
Edwin Elwine 13 born 1868 West Hartlepool, Durham
***Fredrick Elwine 11 born 1870 West Hartlepool, Durham
Edith Elwine 6 born 1875 Hartlepool, Durham
Laura Elwine 4 born 1877 Hartlepool, Durham
William G Elwine 2 born 1879 Hartlepool, Durham

Census 1891 data

William Elwin is still married to Caroline (Jewson). They have moved house again and now reside in 13 Catherine Street, Hartlepool, Durham. Caroline C Elwin is now aged 27 and is shown as a Dress maker and married. Her married name is Binks. Edwin (Edward) now aged 23 is still living at home and is shown working as an Iron Monger

Fredrick Elwin now aged 21 is also still living at home. He is working as an Engine fitter. Edith Elwin is aged 16 and shown as a pupil Teacher, Laura aged 14 and William G Elwin aged 11 are still at school. William Elwin is still shown working as a joiner in the shipyards. A new girl is born in 1864 called Ada Elwine.

In this years census record the family name is spelt without the 'e' on the end of Elwin. Freda Montgomery can remember that Frederick's two sisters lived on the Moore in a posh house on the sea front. She also remembers that one of the brothers drowned but cannot remember which one.

Census 1891 data

13 CatherineStreet, Hartlepool, Durham
***William Elwin 55 born 1836 Lythe, Yorkshire - Joiner
Caroline Elwin 48 born 1843 Kings Lynn, Norfolk
Edwin Elwin 23 born 1868 West Hartlepool, Durham - Iron Monger
***Fredrick Elwin 21 born 1870 West Hartlepool, Durham - Engine Fitter
Edith Elwin 16 born 1875 Hartlepool, Durham Pupil Teacher
Laura Elwin 14 born 1877 Hartlepool, Durham
William G Elwin 11 born 1880 Hartlepool, Durham
Ada Elwine 6 born 1885 Hartlepool, Durham
Caroline C Binks 27 born 1864 West Hartlepool, Durham - Dress maker

Census 1901

During the next 10 years Fredrick Elwine now aged 31 and has married Ann Elizabeth Hogarth a local girl 9 years younger than he. They have moved into 23 Clifton Street, Hartlepool and have a young daughter aged 2. Fredrick is still working as a marine engine fitter. In this years census record the family name is spelt with an 'e' on the end of Elwin to make Elwine

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Census 1901 data

23 Clifton Street, Hartlepool, Durham
***Fredrick Elwine 31 born 1870 Hartlepool, Durham - Marine Engine Fitter
Ann Elizabeth Elwine 22 born 1879 Hartlepool, Durham
Edith M Elwine 2 born 1899 Hartlepool, Durham

Census 1911

Fredrick Elwine is now aged 41 and still married to Ann Elizabeth (Hogarth). They have moved to 13 Francis Street, Hartlepool. Edith is now aged 12 and at school. The family have a new baby boy John (Jack) William Elwine born on 20th July 1907 in Hartlepool, He is now 4 years old. John gets called Jack. He will be Monica Moore's father. Fredrick Elwine is still working as a marine engine fitter.

Census 1911 data

13 Francis Street, Hartlepool, Durham
***Fredrick Elwine 41 born 1870 Hartlepool, Durham - Marine Engine Fitter
Ann Elizabeth Elwine 32 born 1879 Hartlepool, Durham
Edith M Elwine 12 born 1899 Hartlepool, Durham
***John (Jack) William Elwine 4 born 20th July 1907 in 13 Francis Street Hartlepool, Co Durham Birth Cert (Cert Vol 10a page 173)

Census 1921 (available in 2022)

This information comes from speaking to Jack (John) Elwine's future wife Freda Montgomery. Jack's father Fredrick Elwine was a chief engineer at sea. When he came back from sea he was lazy and drank. Then he would go back to sea. He died just before World War Two about 1939. His wife Ann Elizabeth Elwine who was the eldest of seven sisters got into debt when Fredrick was at sea. This is one of the reasons why she took in lodgers. Fredrick was away at sea a lot and she expected him to send money back home.

John (Jake) Elwine was one of four children Edith, Caroline, then John followed by Fred Elwine.

Edith Elwine married James Davidson. He came from a family of Hartlepool river and sea pilots. This was a posh job and they lived on the seafront in posh houses near to Edith's sister. They had two children; Joan Davidson and Jimmy Davidson.

Jimmy had a posh job on the railways and had letters after his name. Joan had a daughter who she called Joan. When this girl Joan grew up she married a man called Jackson and lived at 8 Arden Grove, Stockton, Co Teeside. Freda can remember that Jimmy and Joan's Mum Edith being awarded a medal at Palle? After her husbands death Edith drunk herself to death.

Freda states that Caroline Elwine was the 2nd eldest born in 1900 (which doesn't match with the census information) She divorced and married Fred Hutchinson a civil engineer in an ICI plant. They lived in Hartlepool, then Haverton Hill County Durham and later Cowpen Bewley near Billingham.

They had three children Margaret who had a Danish husband and lived in the Palo Alto, California, USA. The two younger brothers were Alan & Leslie Hutchinson. Alan took after his father and also worked in the ICI plant. Leslie moved to London.

Fred Elwine born 24th March 1913 was a coal minter and lived in Nottingham. He married Edna and had three children. Ann, another girl and a boy called Steven. Steven also worked in the coal mines in Nottingham where he became an Overseer. He was divorced. He was recorded as missing in action when the ship he was Chief Engineer on during world war two was torpedoed.

Census 1921 data (available in 2022)

13 Francis Street, Hartlepool, Durham
***Fredrick Elwine 51 born 1870 Hartlepool, Durham - Marine Engine Fitter
Ann Elizabeth Elwine 42 born 1879 Hartlepool, Durham
Edith M Elwine 22 born 1899 Hartlepool, Durham
***John William Elwine 14 born 20th July 1907 in 13 Francis Street Hartlepool,
Caroline Elwine
Fred Elwine

Jack (John) Elwine

Jack (John) William Elwine worked as a 'journeyman' Carpenter in Hartlepool. (The word 'Journeyman' means someone who is qualified having finished his apprenticeship) He moved down to Croydon, Surrey with Freda Montgomery. Freda (Montgomery) Elwine was born on 2nd November 1911.

Her father was Hugh Montgomery and her mother was Mary Ann (Moore) Montgomery. They where they were married on 30th July 1932 at St Mathews Parish Church, Croydon. Freda was aged 21. Jack worked as a carpenter for the Water Board. Freda escaped home at 18, with the help of the police, to get away from a sexually abusive step father. Her father Hugh Montgomery served with the Durham Light infantry pioneer corps during WW2 and died from his wounds during the battle of the Somme in 1916 leaving a widow and four children. She was only aged 4 when he died.

Jack was not called up to fight in World War 2 as London still needed fresh water so his job was declared a protected occupation. They lived at 69 Strathmore Road, Croydon. Monica Elwine, their only child, was born two years later on 7th July 1934 at St Mary's Maternity Hospital Croydon. The family moved to 39 Bank Ave, Mitcham, Surrey,

Monica Elwine married Ron Moore at Mitcham Parish Church, Church Road They moved to 5 Hawthorne Ave, Mitcham, Surrey just a couple of roads away from Freda and Jack. They had two sons Craig Ronald Moore born 12th January 1961 and Russell Brent Moore 22nd April 1963. About 1965 they moved to a bigger house 5 Mossville Gardens, Morden, Surrey

When Jack retired at 65, they moved to 19 Sandbanks Way, Hailsham, Sussex. Jack (John) William Elwine died Monday 29th July 1974 at aged 67 years 9 days. Freda (Montgomery) Elwine died 23 years later on Sunday 21st Sep 1997 at 19 Sandbanks Way, Hailsham Sussex aged 84 and 10 months.