Mary (Moore) Montgomery




Monica (Elwine) Moore’s mother Freda (Montgomery) Elwine was born on 2nd November 1911. Her father was Hugh Montgomery and her mother was Mary Ann (Moore) Montgomery. The following information is about Mary Ann Moore’s family tree

Census 1841 - 1851

In 1851 the Moore Family lived at 14 Wellington Sq, Grays Inn Lane, St Pancreas, Middlesex, London. Samuel Charles Moore a 29 year old Coach Trimmer lived there with his 26 year old wife Hannah Moore and their three young children Charles aged 4, Anne aged 6 and Elizabeth aged 2. No entries for the family could be found in the first census conducted in 1841.

Census 1841 data

No exact matches for Samuel Charles Moore

Census 1851 data

14 Wellington Sq, Grays Inn Lane, St Pancras, Middlesex, London
***Samuel Charles Moore 29 born 1822 Marlebone, Middlesex – Coach Trimmer
Hannah Moore 26 born 1825 St Giles, Midlesex, London - Wife
Charles Moore 4 born 1847 St Andrew, Middlesex, London
Anne Moore 6 born 1845 St Pancras, Middlesex, London
Elizabeth Moore 2 born 1849

Census 1861

The Moore Family in the past 10 years moved from smoky London to the fresher air of the seaside. They now live at 22 Cavendish Place North, St Peter, Brighton, Sussex. Samuel is still working as a Coach Trimmer. He has remarried. We do not know what has happened to his first wife Hannah. He is 9 years older than his new bride. She is called Tayphena and works in the coach building trade as a ‘Coach Lining Worker’. She was born in Lindfield Sussex and this may have been the reason for the family moving down south. The two Girls Anne and Elizabeth are also missing from the 1861 census and we must presume have died. On a good note Samuel has two new children, George aged 8 and John aged 3. Both of them were born in Brighton so it is reasonable to suggest that Tayphena is their mother. Charles at the age of 14 has left school and is working as an ‘errand boy’.

Census 1861 data

22 Cavendish Place North, St Peter, Brighton, Sussex
***Samuel Charles Moore 37 born 1820 Middlesex London – Coach Trimmer
(New Wife) Tayphena Moore 28 born 1833 Lindfield, Sussex – Coach Lining Worker
Charles Moore 14 Middlesex, London - Errand Boy
Francis Moore 11 Middlesex, London
***George C Moore 8 born 1851 Brighton, Sussex
John Moore 3 born 1853 Brighton, Sussex

Census 1871

Samuel Charles Moore now aged 51 is now just called Charles Moore in the 1871 census. The family has moved yet again. There new address is still in Brighton and they now live in 8 Carlton Row. They may have moved because they had out grown their last home. Taphena Moore had given birth to four more boys. Harry aged 9, Richard aged 6, William aged 4 and Joseph aged 2. They were all born in Brighton. The older boys Charles now aged 24 and Francis aged 21 have both left home. George C Moore aged 21 is still living at home and working as a ‘Boat Driver’. His younger brother John aged 18 is now employed as an ‘errand boy’.

Census 1871 data

8 Carlton Row, St Peter, Brighton, Sussex
***Charles Moore 51 born 1820 London – Coach Trimmer
Tayphena Moore 38 born 1833 Lindfield, Sussex
Elizabeth Moore 21 born 1850 Lindfield, Sussex
***George C Moore 21 born 1851 Brighton, Sussex – Boat Driver
John Moore 18 born 1853 Brighton, Sussex – Errand boy
Harry Moore 9 born 1862 Brighton, Sussex
Richard Moore 6 born 1865 Brighton, Sussex
William Moore 4 born 1867 Brighton, Sussex
Joseph Moore 2 born 1869 Brighton, Sussex

Census 1881

By 1881 the ‘Boat Driving’ George C Moore has left home and sailed to the North East English Coast. He is 30 years of age and is now married to a local girl, Rachel Moore. They live at 10 William Street, Hartlepool, Durham. Rachel was born in Hartlepool and gave birth to a boy and a girl. Ada Moore is now aged 3 and Thomas Moore is aged 2. George is now shown on the census record as being a Mariner, a merchant sailor.

Census 1881 data

10 William Street, Hartelpool, Durham
***George C Moore 30 born 1851 Brighton, Sussex - Mariner - Sailor
Rachel Moore 26 born 1855 Hartelpool, Durham
Ada M Moore 3 born 1878 Hartelpool, Durham
Thomas W Moore 2 born 1880 Hartelpool, Durham

Census 1891

In 1891 the Moore Family are still living at 11 William Street in Hartlepool but the family has increased with the addition of two more daughter. Mary Ann is now aged 9 and Margaret is 2 years old. For some reason there are no census record for the family in 1891.

Census 1891 data _ no Records found.

11 William Street, Hartelpool, Durham
***George C Moore 40 born 1851 Brighton, Sussex - Mariner - Sailor
Rachel Moore 36 born 1855 Hartelpool, Durham
Ada M Moore 13 born 1878 Hartelpool, Durham
Thomas W Moore 11 born 1880 Hartelpool, Durham
***Mary Ann Moore 9 born 1882 Hartelpool, Durham
Margaret Moore 2 born 1889 Hartelpool, Durham

Census 1901

11 William Street in Hartlepool is still the family home in 1901. George C Moore is now 50 and Rachel is 46. Ada now 23 has gone into ‘service’ and is employed as a servant and so has her sister Mary Ann who is 19. Their brother Thomas at the age of 21 is an upholsterer, making and repairing furniture. Margaret Moore is 12 years old. Mary Ann’s future husband Hugh Montgomery is now shown boarding at 213 Bruneswick Street in West Hartlepool with the Dennison family. Hugh is 23 and shown working as a shipwright. (A carpenter skilled in ship construction and repair) .The males of the Dennison family are shown as shipworkers

Freda Montgomery, Mary Ann’s future daughter can remember that Margaret Moore married Ted Hewitt who worked on the railways. She also said that George and Rachel Moore had two more baby Girls after 1901. One was called Elizabeth Ann Moore who married Joe Cranell a carpenter and the other was called Matha Moore who married Jack Maken a boilermaker.

Census 1901 data

11 William Street, Hartelpool, Durham ***George C Moore 50 born 1851 Brighton, Sussex Rachel Moore 46 born 1855 Hartelpool, Durham Ada M Moore 23 born 1878 Hartelpool, Durham - Servant Thomas W Moore 21 born 1880 Hartelpool, Durham – Upholsterer ***Mary Ann Moore 19 born 1882 Hartelpool, Durham - Servant Margaret Moore 12 born 1889 Hartelpool, Durham

Census 1911

Between 1901 and 1911 Mary Ann Moore started work as a cleaner with the railway company LNER (London and North Eastern Railway) This is where she meet Hugh Mongomery, who had changed jobs and was working as a carpenter on the railways. She fell in love with him. They married and moved to 15 Dover Street, West Hartlepool. Hugh and Mary Ann Montgomery had 4 children

Freda Montgomery was born on 2nd November 1911. Hugh died aged 38 on 16th July 1916 from wounds in a military hospital in Bethune after the Battle of the Somme. He was Private 22/286 Hugh Montgomery 22nd Battalion (Pioneer Corps) Durham Light Infantry. Freda was only 4 years old. Mary re married but Freda had sexual abuse problems with her stepfather and left as soon as she could. When she was 18 she called the Police and left home.

She met a local lad called Jack (John) William Elwine. He worked as a ‘journeyman’ Carpenter in Hartlepool. (The word ‘Journeyman’ means someone who is qualified having finished his apprenticeship) He moved down to Croydon, Surrey with Freda Montgomery. (Freda (Montgomery) Elwine was born on 2nd November 1911. Her father was Hugh Montgomery and her mother was Mary Ann (Moore) Montgomery) where they were married on 30th July 1932 at St Mathews Parish Church, Croydon. Freda was aged 21. Jack works as a carpenter for the Water Board. He was not called up to fight in World War 2 as London still needed fresh water so his job was declared a protected occupation. They lived at 69 Strathmore Road, Croydon. Monica Elwine, their only child, was born two years later on 7th July 1934 at St Mary’s Maternity Hospital Croydon. The family moved to 39 Bank Ave, Mitcham, Surrey,

Monica Elwine married Ron Moore at Mitcham Parish Church, Church Road They moved to 5 Hawthorne Ave, Mitcham, Surrey just a couple of roads away from Freda and Jack. They had two sons Craig Ronald Moore born 12th January 1961 and Russel Brent Moore 22nd April 1963. About 1965 they moved to a bigger house 5 Mossville Gardens, Morden, Surrey

When Jack retired at 65, they moved to 19 Sandbanks Way, Hailsham, Sussex. Jack (John) William Elwine died Monday 29th July 1974 at aged 67 years 9 days. Freda (Montgomery) Elwine died 23 years later on Sunday 21st Sep 1997 at 19 Sandbanks Way, Hailsham Sussex aged 84 and 10 months.

Census 1901

***Hugh Montgomery aged 23 born 1878 Port Glasgow, Renfrewshire, Scotland shipwright
Was staying as a boarder at 213 Bruneswick Street, West Hartlepool
Robert Dennison 41 Shipworker
Anne Dennison 41
Edward Dennison 3
James Mc Guire 28 shipworker